Guess who’s gonna be the big bad wolf that eats the hero who tries to save her?
Gallifrey Records: Five Times there was Kissing (and One Time there wasn’t.) pt. 1


(Collaboration with Allison (/gallifreyburning), if that wasn’t clear. This is the first half. The remaining three sections will be up tomorrow or Wednesday.)


It was a remodeled warehouse just outside of South Beach, but Mickey swore up and down it was the club to go to since they were in Miami for the press tour. Everything was chrome and glass and modern furniture, and it was nicer than Rose had imagined it would be. The herd of them were ushered into a VIP area, everybody piling onto the springy black velvet benches.

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‘Doctor Who’ casts ‘Farscape’ star Ben Browder

Ben Browder has reportedly signed up to appear on Doctor Who.

The Farscape star will appear in the sci-fi drama’s seventh series, according to Doctor Who Magazine.

The episode - written by Being Human creator Toby Whithouse - is said to be set in the Wild West. Upstairs Downstairs director Saul Metzstein will helm the installment.

Best known for playing John Crichton on Farscape from 1999 to 2003, Browder later starred in Stargate SG-1 and appeared in a recent episode of Chuck.

Oh my god. This is a dream come true. I freaking love Ben Browder. I can barely contain my fangirl squees right now.